How Does the Noah's Boytique Build a Bodysuit Work?

How Does the Noah's Boytique Build a Bodysuit Work?

I can't tell you how many e-mails I get when customer's receive their outfits saying they didn't realize how cool and unique it was from looking at it online. I try to show in our listing pictures how all of our accessories (bow ties, vests, ties and suspenders) snap on and off our Patent Pending bodysuit (yes we invented the idea of the completely interchangeable bodysuit) but alot of people don't read the lengthy descriptions so we made a short video to convey the functionality of the bodysuit. This isn't something most people have seen before unless they have purchased from us, received it as a gift or have seen it on a friend's baby.



There are bodysuits that have snap on ties and bow ties but ours does so much more than that. Our number ones for first birthdays are even removable (they are like a sticker, except with super sticky fabric adhesive) so you can use your outfit over and over again after your birthday.

With our 1st birthday outfit, if you buy the standard outfit that comes with the bodysuit, bow tie, number one and suspenders for only $23.00, look how many options you have for wearing it!!

boys first birthday outfit build a bodysuit noah's boytique

We also sell really cool bundle sets like this one below. The cost for the whole set is $51.00 so that works out to ONLY $4.25 per outfit since you can make 12, yes you read that right 12, outfits on this one Build a Bodysuit. The bodysuit can be washed like any normal baby bodysuit so if it gets really messy you can treat it with spray in wash or bleach and it washes up like new. We also sell additional bodysuits with just the snaps for only $6.00.

baby boy clothes build a bodysuit interchangeable snap bow ties noah's boytique


Here are just a few of the combos you can make with the above set:

baby boy outfits clothes bow tie onesie noah's boytique snap on interchangeable ties bow ties

You can also wear it without the suspenders, just with the ties and bow ties since the snaps are strategically placed where the suspenders attach. 

Photographers love using our product, as do parents, since you can fully change your baby's look without having to struggle and get them into a whole new bodysuit. It takes seconds to snap on a new tie, or new suspenders. I know I have loved using this for my boys and all their milestone photos. 


I hope this helps and that you are excited to try your Build a Bodysuit on your little guy!

XOXOXO, Lindsay

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  • Kaysie: May 30, 2017

    I bought one of these bodysuits for my son’s first birthday party and I loved that I could use it for more than just that one event!

  • Karen Shaver : May 30, 2017

    My little one wore a vest and bow tie for Easter. He was just under a month old at the time, and he was able to be both comfortable and adorable. I love the removable and interchangeable accessories!

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