Little Monster First Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration

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HI Thank you for stopping by. You must be thinking about a Little Monster Theme Party for your little one if you ended up here so I have something special to offer! Use our 20% OFF coupon code MONSTPARTY20 for 20% off your ENTIRE order! We have everything from the outfit to decor and who doesn't love to save money right?


This is my second post for my First Birthday Inspiration Series and I seriously wish I could just have a party every weekend for my little ones. I know they take a ton of effort and planning...not to mention money, but who doesn't love a good party?

The Little Monster Theme is one I get asked about alot so I hope you can find some good inspiration from my post, whether you decide to do everything DIY or buy already made decor, there are definitely some very creative ideas below. For those of you who want a one stop shop experience I have my Monster Party in a Box. This is a selection of super cute items to make decorating and planning your party super easy. You can also add on al la carte items to customize.

My favorites item of course is the outfit since that is what I make and design. :) We have a few really cute options for the Little Monster Theme.

 mini monster first birthday outfit shirt baby boy orange blue limefirst birthday outfit monster theme baby boy shirtlittle monster theme first birthday party baby boyMonster Birthday Outfit Boy Tie Number One Orange Red Lime BlueFirst Birthday Outfit Boy Monster Theme Word One Bow Tie Suspenders Cake Smash


 So, of course with any party you will most likely be sending out invitations (unless you are doing it all via email/social media) and these are super cute and simple to do. You can see the post on how to make them here.

little monster theme first birthday party invitation ideas decorations baby boy


The trend lately is to have a main table (dessert table, snack table, gift table whatever one you prefer) and then just deck it out to be the focal point of your party.

I thought the dessert table setup was adorable here and it would be fairly simple to recreate. Find a good local bakery to make your cupcakes and/or cake. The unique part of this table setup is the adorable furry "tablecloth" which is just raw fabric from a local craft store like or your local store (my favorite because they always have 40-50% off coupons-just google Joann coupons). You would probably need 2 yards if you were using a standard 6ft. collapsible table as your dessert table. I priced the fabric at Joanne's and it would run about 18.00 for the 2 yards (that is with a 50% off coupon).

little monster theme party dessert table idea

I love this idea for the cups and found it on pinterest.

little monster theme first birthday party ideas baby boy first birthday outfit

Here is another table that is super cute. It is setup as a party favor table. The balloons and streamers behind the table are an inexpensive way to get that pop of color and wow factor.

little monster theme boys first birthday party outfit ideas party

Here are some ideas for favors, decor and other Little Monster Party Decorations and Supplies.


For plates and napkins you could always get solid bight colors as those are less expensive but if you want over the top here are some cute ones. They sell the plates and napkins outside of the pack as well.



If you are thinking about doing your own cake toppers, banners, water bottle labels etc. here is a great printable pack from Etsy

boys first birthday little monster theme decorations outfit


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  • Maria : August 28, 2017

    Hey! Very cute party:) I was hoping I could get some websites where you ordered from? My little one turns one in a few weeks!

  • Anna: May 30, 2017

    I LOVE this theme! The cake is too adorable. We almost chose to go with little monsters for our sons first birthday party, but ended up going with something else. I may have to keep this in mind for his 2nd birthday! ?

  • Kristin Cosser: May 30, 2017

    Love these ideas! Super simple and cute. Our 2nd baby will be one in December, will keep this in mind!

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