How Do Your Sizes Run?

Our bodsyuits are Carter's brand. We carry newborn to 3T (2T and 3T are made with shirts not bodysuits). They are 100% cotton so they will shrink. See our size chart below for your reference

Newborn: Up to 8 pounds
3 which is a 0-3 Months: 8-11.5 pounds
6 which is a 3-6 Months: 11.5-15.5 pounds
12 which is a 6-12 Months: 15.5-21.5 pounds
18 which is a 12-18 Months: 21.5-26 pounds
24 which is an 18-24 Months: 26-30 pounds
2T/3T Shirt: 31-36 pounds

How Long Does It Take You To Ship My Order?

We ship orders Monday-Friday and orders will in ship in 3-5 business days isnce they are handmade to order. If you are in a time crunch send us a message through our contact us page. However, during holiday peak periods orders may take longer to be made than the outlined time frames.

Can You Embroider My Child's Name on the Bodysuit?

We do not embroider names on our bodysuits since our product is not like any other and allows you to snap your accessories on and off thus allowing you to get multiple uses out of it for different occasions. A bodysuit with a name embroidered limits the outfits use and defeats the purpose of our unique patent pending Build a Bodysuit. 

How Exactly Does Your Build a Bodysuit Work?

All of our accessories snap on and off making our outfits easy to wash, comfy for your littles and give you endless possibilities


Can I customize colors on an outfit?

You sure can. If you don't see a combo that exactly fits your needs, you can go to our Build a Set section and add the pieces in the colors and prints you want. https://www.noahsboytique.com/pages/build-a-custom-set


How Does Your Removable Number Work?

Our numbers are great because you can choose to use the number or not. It is a special fabric adhesive that works much like a sticker but with adhesive that is special for fabric and will not damage the shirt when you remove it. We actually include 2 number ones with our first birthday outfits. This is great if you are having two different parties, want to use one for the party and one for pictures, or just as a backup. We also sell the numbers in 2 packs on their own if you need even more than two. We used to sew the numbers on but that made the outfit into a single time use item and that is not what our Build A Bodysuit is all about. Customers overwhelmingly asked us to make the numbers removable like our other accessories and we listened! You wanted more bang for your buck and that is what we did when we introduced the removable numbers last year.


What if the size I receive is too big or too small?

We are glad to offer exchanges for size related issues. Just send an email to us at info@noahsboytique.com and we will help with your exchange.

How Do I Wash My Outfit?

Bodysuit: The bodysuit can be washed regular (be sure to remove vests, bows, ties, suspenders, and numbers). If the bodysuit gets really messy from a cake smash or from the party, just us a little spray and wash and it will wash up like new and be ready for you to use again. We suggest hang drying the bodysuit so it does not shrink too much (unless your bodysuit is a tad large and you want it to shrink for a better fit)

Ties, Bow Ties, Vests, Tutus, Flowers and Suspenders need to be hand washed. 

You may iron the pieces if they lose their shape after washing but be careful not to iron the plastic snaps as they will melt.

What is your return policy?

Since each of our outfits is handmade to order, we do not allow refunds. We will offer exchanges or store credit only and must be contacted within 7 days of when the order was received. If an item is defective, please notify within 48 hours of order being delivered so we may rectify the matter.

Where are you Shipping From?

We make and ship all of our orders from Northern California

What if I paid For USPS Express guaranteed shipping and it delivers late?

You will need to contact USPS and file an online claim for reimbursement of the guaranteed shipping cost. 

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