Noah's Boytique Brand Enthusiast Contract

noah's boytique cardigan bow tie onesie baby boy clothes

Noah's Boytique Brand Enthusiast Terms & Conditions

By becoming a Noah's Boytique Brand Enthusiast ("Brand Fan") you agree to the Terms & Conditions below.

The Contract Period

The Brand Enthusiast will be involved for a period of 3 calendar months. If both parties desire to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions stand.

What’s Involved

– Love, passion, and genuine enthusiasm for Noah's Boytique, our products and brands, and our mission should be shown in any relevant posts and comments on Instagram.
– Test products and give helpful feedback on fit and style when applicable. Always approach us first and privately with any criticism or issues that may arise.
– Promote  on your own social media through photography (You'll find us on Instagram @noahsboytiques, Facebook @noahsboytiques and Pinterest @linzieh13
– Represent our brand in public and in any groups you frequent online or off
– Noah's Boytique has the right to use all photographs without permission for a period of three years. If a situation changes and a child's image must be removed you must contact us and allow a reasonable amount of time for removal.

What The Brand Enthusiast Gets In Return

– You will receive a 40% discount on anything in our shop per month in exchange for high quality photographs. You must purchase at least one item per month. There is no limit on personal purchases. Purchasing at your discount for friends, family, or resale will end your contract and ability to purchase from us in the future.
–Photos must be posted/submitted within 1 week of receiving the item(s). We love photos with a real feel, featuring nature or play is a plus!
– Two 20% discount coupons to share with a friend or family member.
– Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need.
– Our help in growing your own feed and platforms.
– Lots of love and appreciation! 

End Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions.

Please email us the following information for each child. Please include siblings not in the search (outside the 2-10 range) unless they will not appear in any photographs. We might send something for them too.

By providing this information, you have agreed to the terms above. You confirm you have full guardianship rights for the children named below.


Brand Fan's Name
Brand Fan's Birthdate
Brand Fan's Height
Brand Fan's Schooling Type or Applicable Groups (this helps us introduce you)
Brand Fan's Current Fav Activities
Brand Fan's Fav Colors or Patterns
Brand Fan's "Won't Wear"s (Colors/Fabrics/etc)
Brand Fan's Shipping Address
Brand Fan's Instagram Handle
Parent/Guardian’s Name
Parent/Guardian’s Email