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Noah's Boytique

Baseball First Birthday Shirt Baby Boy Navy and Red

$23.00 USD

Red Bow/Red One
Red Bow/Navy One

This set comes with the following Interchangeable Accessories:

1. Baseball Theme Adjustable Suspenders that Clip Onto Pants (Suspenders must be used with our bodysuit)
2. Navy Blue Bow Tie
3. Custom Build a Bodysuit™
4. Navy Blue Removable Number One (removable number allows you to use your bodysuit again after your party so you get your money's worth!)

NUMBER IS AN ADHESIVE VINYL STICKER. IT IS REMOVABLE SO YOU MAY USE YOUR BODYSUIT WITH OR WITHOUT THE NUMBER. We include two numbers for your convenience. It is extremely durable and made to last through your party and/or pictures. We sell numbers individually as well in our Build A Set Section.

Don't get stuck with an outfit that you can only use once. With NOAH'S BOYTIQUE™ Build a Bodysuit you can use your outfit after your party or event too since all the pieces snap on and off the bodysuit and are interchangeable with our entire line of accessories. So cute for an evening out, church, or pretty much anytime you just want your little one to get all the attention! 

Accessories snap on and off the One of A Kind NOAH'S BOYTIQUE™ Build a Bodysuit  so you can mix and match and add additional ties, bow ties, vests or suspenders. With a single bodysuit you can create numerous looks and outfits! Please visit our Build a Set section to add extra accessories.

Add an extra bow tie or tie and INSTANTLY have TWO outfits!
Add an extra vest for even more FUN!
Add Suspenders to get even more ADORABLE outifts!

******Why NOAH'S BOYTIQUE™ BODYSUIT is Special*******

1. Noah's Boytique Bodysuit™ is the first of its kind with a patent pending for its design and ability to accommodate vests, suspenders, bow ties, ties and bibs all in one single bodysuit.

2. Accessories can be mixed and matched on a single bodysuit so you are not stuck with just one print or look. Wear a black vest one day and then snap on a grey vest the next!

2. No worries about ties or bow ties having to be around your little ones neck

3. 100% customizable so you can create unique gifts for Baby Showers, Holidays, Birthdays and more. Your gift will definitely be a hit!



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