Lumberjack First Birthday Party Outfit and Ideas

lumberjack first birthday party ideas diy budget buffalo plaid

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lumberjack first birthday outfit baby boy onesie buffalo plaid
If you're like me, half the battle of planning our kiddos birthday parties are figuring out which theme to go with. There are just so many awesome ideas and I want to make outfits for them all! I'm currently planning a party for my little guys, Noah and Nikolas, who will be turning 5 and 2 with a lumberjack theme, I think!!!! 

All that being said, hands down my favorite print is the black and red buffalo plaid with suspenders and bow tie . Your birthday boy can make his grand entrance , sporting his adorable lumberjack outfit in his cozy coupe with a tree branch tied on top.
Pictured below are some free printable invitations along with cutouts for garland, food tags, and a birthday banner. You can't beat the price...FREE!
lumberjack party invitations printables diy free
For your table cloths there are so many ideas! I prefer the buffalo plaid print but solid red table cloths with a burlap runner gives that rustic charm vibe.
lumberjack first birthday party dessert table ideas
Some ideas for centerpieces are red lanterns, pine cones, little  pine trees and   stuffed animals. I was able to find all of those online for very reasonable prices.
lumberkack first birthday party centerpiece ideas stuffed animals wood
rustic lumberjack party centerpiece table decoration lantern
lumberjack first birthday party centerpiece ideas red lantern tree
This theme has so many cleaver snack ideas so I have just chosen some of my favorites to share with you. Remember those free printable above? Download your free labels to name your snacks and add some extra cuteness. You can serve pretzel sticks as twigs, bear crackers/cookies labeled as "don't feed the bears", strawberries, berry picking  and small brown chocolate candies labeled bear poop. Boys ugh!!!!!
lumberjack party snack ideas pretzels as twigs
lumberjack first birthday party food and snack ideas
lumberjack party ideas bear poop snacks
Now the best for last...DESSERT! Alot of the cakes and cupcakes you may find look elaborate and expensive but you can get many replicated by any Walmart bakery for very reasonable prices. Donuts and cupcakes are a great idea because you do not have to deal with cutting cake and that mess, plus both are very affordable...and who doesn't love donuts? I hope this gives you some ideas to build on for your perfect lumberjack party while sticking with a budget.
lumberjack camping party smores cupcakes
lumberjack party dessert ideas donuts cupcakes
lumberjack first birthday party cupcakes buffalo plaid


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